Wednesday, February 21, 2007

God is Good

Recipe for enjoying yourself in Edinburgh:

1) Have a half day
2) Have a nice dinner--admittedly, the dorm food isn't too good, but it's OK.
3) Have a watch of the match that you've always been wanting to see... your favourite team comes from behind as underdogs to beat last season's champions of Europe... doesn't get much better than that!
4) During half time, go to a friend's room, share half a bottle of red wine left over from the bottle of red wine we bought last night at Tesco's
5) Go back and finish watching Liverpool kick ass
6) Feel hungry, so go out with friend for Italian food! Lovely Al Dente pasta with tomato and basil.
7) Top it all off with a bit of Italian ice cream!
8) Walk back to warm dorm room
9) Have a full day off tomorrow!!

Of course, in this world nothing's perfect, but this is the most perfect day ever to receive a rejection.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Ang Moh society is very open

This really happened...

Today, i attended a Edinburgh Student Surgical Society talk on gut tube development and congenital defects, supposed to be at "room G4, Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh".

I didn't know quite where it was, but you should know that the "RCSEd" is looks like a museum. as in it says "museum" on the entrance, and details entrance charges to go in. So I thought that the talk was in the small building adjoining the RCSEd, which has a big sign saying "RCSEd quincentenary development programme". I went to the only open doorway and climbed up the staircase 2 levels.

There was a woman who opened a door for me and pointed me to this room with a BED in it and said "just wait in there the girls will be along in a minute". I was in the process of asking her "is the lecture here?" when it suddenly HIT me.



I said "oh sorry where's the RCSEd? I need to go there..." I was protected by God I believe... If not I'd never have escaped... She let me out and said "it's next door" and i quickly made my exit... The funny thing was that after I'd gone down one level a 30 something guy came and pointed me to the museum. I didn't think much of it until he went back into the same dodgy building... then i realised HE may have been the CLIENT....

This really happened. And to those idiots who may say "aiya Hian Liang you so horny I KNOW you stayed on lah don't lie" I DIDN'T HAVE THE MONEY TO PAY ANYWAY COS I ONLY CARRY 10 POUNDS. hah!

Anyway, that's not the end of it.

When the talk was over (it was excellent, btw... far better than the silly lectures on health promotion I'd been having) I came out and waited for the bus to take me back to Pollock Halls, where I'm staying. I was watching these two drunk girls staggering around. That's how I knew they were drunk. I also knew they were underage drunk cos they were short. And they got drunk, which is a stupid thing to do.

They came up to me and one of them asked me "do you want to shag? i want to shag...let's do it right here out in the open! I like it!"then the other one was about to throw herself onto me, but she was stopped by the first girl, who kept asking me that, and asked me whether I understood what she was saying. I confess a mischievous streak took me then and I said "let's go get a room lah" I had NO intention of getting shagged by an obviously underage drunk girl, and I knew she was too drunk to think so if I opposed her she wouldn't do anything stupid... But now I think about it... It really was God's providence protecting me... Because I admit I WAS tempted, but only for a moment... in the end she just said "at least give me a hug" and I did and walked away.

I met the professor who gave the talk and talked to him a bit... He said "I don't trust those people" (cos the drunk girls' drunk Ned friends had come, both guys and girls... I think they went off for some mass orgy after that) and we walked to the next bus stop, where he got another bus from me...

All in all, quite a strange night.

Ang Mohs are HORNY.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Snow! Snow! Snow!

I love snow... It makes things quieter.

Mainly cos the stupid ang mohs outside my window can't make as much noise when they come home from their late night drinking sexcapades...Not the people in this picture though... they're my Lee House small group... without the girls, of course.

Life is strange.

When I called Paul today about the arrangements, he asked:"you're not doing this for anyone else right?" My card is full of shit. I don't know how she'll read it. It's full of garbagery and i've never been smooth.

Interesting that he should ask that question. But now it may be harder to double because doubling means if you win, you get double the points, but if you lose, you lose double. I guess it just shows insecurity. But we'll leave it at that. I think smart people out there will figure out what I'm not trying to say and scold me for it. Whatever.

The snow was lying on the ground today... was playing snowballs... made me happy. I like endorphins... Snow blankets things. haha that sounds bimbotic. i'm typing rubbish lalalalala...

It's quite stupid how I'm not wanting to go to sleep while when I wake up the first thing I want to do is go back to sleep. Darn!

Ang moh girls have got big arms. Strange that they seem to like wearing sleeveless. Oh wait actually not really that much. Cos it's too cold. Darn! what rubbish am I thinking about?

I'm blessed. Look at Mr Skeleton man two years ago. I remember it was about this period too.

Bad. Memories.