Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Writing this so late at night...I ought to be sleeping...but i'm forced to stay awake by... my Non-Profit Organisation, protecting those whom I don't even know, and don't give a *hoot about me...the worst part is that there're some, like TT Durai, who suck this Non-Profit Organisation's funds disproportionately to fill their disproportionately large the warchief...what war has he won, pray tell? Have they proven that they can lead in battle? Why should we entrust them with our cash? Our Lives? Oh wait...I guess not...we're only pawns, used for the greater good of the ORGANISATION! Let's just see if war DOES break out who're the first to leave our country in a private C-130...
ME HAHAHAHA!!! yeah RIGHT...i'll have to swim. In the pirate infested S.O.Malacca..hmm maybe should just become a pirate...maybe a pirate doc!

I know I seem like I'm whining again. Its easy to say ppl are whining when u'r not experiencing anything like the absolute torture most of us go through... I know firsthand that it is too easy. The reason why we talk so much about it is we can't help but find release somehow! If we keep it in, like the strong MEN we're supposed to be ALL the time, we'll EXPLODE/BREAK DOWN... I mean, if u can't stand this kind of talk, or don't give a sh*t that ppl are getting yelled at, torn down, worn down, injured and putting lives on the line day after day, then just leave the room or something...

Sian Ji Bua

Hihi ppl! I just got this blog so I'm now like the thousands of ppl who write stuff that should be in a diary online...guess the only ppl who'll read this blog will be myself and my CO(HAHA!) Watever

Ah Liang is UnabletoDisrupt from stupid Singapore. Ah Liang is not powderful enough for NUS, and since Ah Liang is so chao geng, only serve 1 year 10 months, cannot be disrupt from Singapore! SO Ah Liang has to go UK uni late, or go Aussie uni and go riot at Cronulla! But for now, stuck in Singapore so Sian Zi BUa lor type stupid post in stupid blog!

Actually I just wanted to post something in Sanjiv's blog about his 3-D model of the HIV virus... wonder what life would be like had I gotten into NUS...Always wonder nowadays, specially late during night duties, staring at the coms... I guess it never occurred to me to think about what happens if I got to go overseas to be a doc! like always assumed it was possible to get into NUS... since young... But everything always happens for a reasaon I guess...

Ah Liang is just trying to find peas onli.. Life so meaningless in Singapore... Go kindergarten, then go primary hard, go top top school like that RI or ACS school, then study hard do sport go top top JC like Hwa Chong Ching Chong or Waffles, then after that go Serve And F off and become an Ah Liang england and Genderal Payper all be return to teacher liao! And den after that must study hard hard, become good doktor, get good wife, get good kid, make kid study and play piarno...every father mother in Singapore and everywhere want kids to do well get rich have no fun childhood... and den for wat? Go back to be wif God then riches all turn to dust! Quarrel wif wife and DISCIPLINE kid and make them miserable! All for F*CK??

mightaswell go do something meaningful for others with ur life... and go find God in the process... Make sure God is the most important thing to you, and store up treasures in heaven!

YEp Watever everybardie!!