Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Writing this so late at night...I ought to be sleeping...but i'm forced to stay awake by... my Non-Profit Organisation, protecting those whom I don't even know, and don't give a *hoot about me...the worst part is that there're some, like TT Durai, who suck this Non-Profit Organisation's funds disproportionately to fill their disproportionately large the warchief...what war has he won, pray tell? Have they proven that they can lead in battle? Why should we entrust them with our cash? Our Lives? Oh wait...I guess not...we're only pawns, used for the greater good of the ORGANISATION! Let's just see if war DOES break out who're the first to leave our country in a private C-130...
ME HAHAHAHA!!! yeah RIGHT...i'll have to swim. In the pirate infested S.O.Malacca..hmm maybe should just become a pirate...maybe a pirate doc!

I know I seem like I'm whining again. Its easy to say ppl are whining when u'r not experiencing anything like the absolute torture most of us go through... I know firsthand that it is too easy. The reason why we talk so much about it is we can't help but find release somehow! If we keep it in, like the strong MEN we're supposed to be ALL the time, we'll EXPLODE/BREAK DOWN... I mean, if u can't stand this kind of talk, or don't give a sh*t that ppl are getting yelled at, torn down, worn down, injured and putting lives on the line day after day, then just leave the room or something...


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