Monday, August 28, 2006

Teaching Clement

Saturday, August 26, 2006


Went to Momo on Thursday. Was quite cool cos the entry age is normally 23 for guys, 21 for girls... Clubbing is one big fat waste of time and money... It seems cool at first to tell everyone ur going clubbing, so that you seem like one of the "cool" people who chiong... But chionging is actually bad for you.
1. You get smoked out during clubbing... Increased risk of pulmonary diseases
2. It costs a LOT. Thanks Gerald! for buying 2 jugs of Bourbon Coke, which 4 of us proceeded to drink Haha! Will miss u lots when u go Canadian! But it cost like $35.
3. Unless you're Aston, no one really gets laid after clubbing... Especially if you look like me. Haha!

Saw some of the UK bound ppl there (duh it's called UK Bound) like muscular Colin and Agnes Lim (btw the last guy was Yu Wei)... LSE Terence had flown off to have his long holiday... My Edinburgh ppl all pang seh me hahaha... Cos the medicine girls don't club, and the guys wouldn't be clubbing without the girls right? So it's just me going cos Ling Ching invited me... haha Thanks=)!

MoMo would be nicer if the dark dance room was more filled with people. As it was, only a small square near the bar was filled with people, mostly those going to the UK either for first years or second... But there's a second compartment that Agnes didn't see (haha!) that has a live band inside... It's equally smoky and unhealthy, but the interesting thing is that there's a live band... Gerald requested for "Superman" by Three Doors Down (i think), to which the stupid singer was like... erm we'll play ur song later... stupid guy he just didn't know how to play it... But have to give him credit for his showmanship...

After that, went to some place off Clarke Quay to chill until 6 when the mrts and buses restart... cos i was quite broke and Teng Soon also haha... I'll really miss the times when we'd just sit at some scenic place and chill... Teng Soon dude i hope u'll realise money isn't everything... I know if u read my blog u'll probably come and flame me or something... But i hope 10 years down the road when I come back for a visit we can still meet up with Yu Wei and Weili and whoever else and sit along the Singapore River and throw stones into it to see who can throw the furthest... which is what we did that night... Enjoyed talking cok to them also...Talking about life, school, the future, etc... it's these outings that I'll cherish the longest. Along with eating Bak Chor Mee.

Sunday I went for the last part of this talk by this guy that Teng Soon brought me to.. He's supposed to be some network marketing genius... But all i saw was like a guy who knows how to use his "reputation" to make people idolise him... a roaring ah beng who can't speak for nuts... People just cling to his every word... I admit I too was sort of lured into it... But i realised that he's just selling hope that somehow, by attending his superlong talk, the people listening will become rich. DREAM ON. I had hoped to go to East Coast with my friends, but this stupid guy took so long just to get his basic points across that it was 7 plus when i told Teng Soon i wanted to leave... he's seemingly drawn into this whole thing as well... The guy was darn irritating lah... he's some crass rude idiot... and he scolds people for no reason, but for some reason the whole audience just laughs... and people stand on their seats and sing along as he wastes their time singing stupid karaoke songs... not as if u sing along so enthusiastically money will just drop from the sky for u... Teng Soon said u won't be able to sleep during his lectures... I nearly did, barring the fact that Teng Soon was nice enough to translate some of the stuff he said for me. I appreaciate your getting the ticket for me for free=) and inviting me and translating for me... But i guess i just think this guy's not worth listening to.

My dad told me don't waste my time going to these talks... If they really knew how to invest in stocks and shares they wouldn't be talking to you... Which is true. Teng Soon said it's cos this guy loves to educate people to make money. Of course u'll love educating people if all u do is shout at them and they obediently reply "shi4" or "dong3" at every stupid thing u say... like his stock tips were like pulled from the sky and the audience just ate it up like mindless NSFs... maybe army should try doing this system... reward $1 per obedient answer... He's just seeking to feel important, and he gets it from these seminars... What he has to say I didn't think was very new... My dad's very wise sometimes, I realise. He said might as well read from the book by Peter Lynch, who made all his money in stocks, than listen to a network marketer boast about his stocks... The guy never said how much he earned from them anyway... And people of his character as far as i can see, shouldn't really be playing stocks...

Teng Soon, I know you're trying to intro me to a whole new world, and I know you're a real true-as-steel friend who wants to help... But I don't think this "new world" is something I want to get into if the members of it are like the guy speaking. I hope you understand that as your friend, I'm advocating extreme caution here.

The Bible's teaching is really true. It is impossible to serve both God and money. You cannot serve two masters... I'm not advocating foolishly spending, cos that's misusing the funds that God has entrusted to your stewardship. I'm just saying that if you idolise money so much, like what the speaker was suggesting the people do, then it's the saddest thing because you leave no room for God to work, which is the most important thing EVER.

"What does it profit a man to gain the whole world, but lose his soul?"

Now that my air tickets have been settled, I'm looking forward to the 23rd of September with a mix of apprehension and excitement... Going to fly through Frankfurt... On the one hand, it means i ORD LOH!!! practically cos when i come back it's OFF CLEARING time... but it means i start my overseas stint... I have to step out of my comfort zone and plunge into the sea... It's just 3 weeks more... Sigh.

I'll miss everyone!!

But not those who're trying to screw up my ORD plans.

Monday, August 14, 2006


According to some story i heard somewhere, fictional or otherwise, the Chinese invented fireworks around 581-907. (if u don't believe, go

Common firework shows are Guy Fawkes Day in the UK

Remember, remember the fifth of November.
Gunpowder, treason, and plot.
I see no reason why gunpowder treason
Should ever be forgot.
New Year's eve, and National Day...

So it's pretty rare, especially in Singapore, where pyrotechnics are outlawed, and it's an offence to carry spent shells out of range, to see fireworks or explosives of any kind.

Thus, when they announced that they were having fireworks on 4 separate days, I thought I should go check out the free show haha cheapskate me...

The first night I went not knowing what to expect... But then there was this mega jam all the way from somewhere in Little India, which I passed by on my way from camp... I hate being stuck in jams...brings out the worst in ppl... I was trying hard to control myself, already being late for dinner and all... sorry Sherman if i said anything... when you start driving and get stuck in stupid jams when you're late you'll understand... so i eventually got to under the sheares bridge and dropped Sherman off... he was kind enough to sms after 10 minutes asking if i'd got a parking place... I'd reached Raffles City, and had parked illegally at the side of the road haha! like all the other Singaporeans, out of the car and watching the show... Which was slightly disappointing cos I couldn't see the stupid ground level cos of the Durian... Sherman's blog said I dropped him off and (please conjure own ending).

To fill in (please conjure own ending), I met Evey, watched the upper half of the fireworks blocked by the stupid Durian for 5 minutes, then went to Newton, where I got fleeced by stupid sambal stingray for stupid tourists, and owe Evey $10, and went home.

The second night was better... I was better prepared, so I went by MRT... which was pretty much jam-packed... BUT i managed to see the ground level fireworks by Team Singapore... pretty impressive... see Sherman's blog for videos... met Gerry and her friend to watch together... and met Conrad, from BMT, whom I haven't seen in like 1.5 years... Couldn't recognise him with hair... But he's a cool guy lah... Gerry's friend is a journalism student in the US on an SPH scholarship... I wonder what'll happen when he comes back... but he's a cool guy too!

The third night was quite meaningful cos I brought my sister to watch... I'm leaving home soon, for like 6 years... And I'm veryvery sure I'll miss my sister a LOT... as much as I'll miss my parents... My dear, quiet, nice sister... You never failed to show me love and concern, even though I didn't know how to treat you well... I wish I could stay on, help you through JC and Uni... But I believe God didn't put me into NUS for a good reason...just that I can't figure it out yet... In His time, not mine... And I just pray very very hard that you will find what you want to do in life, and find peace and love and joy and experience God... I sometimes don't notice you at home, but when I left home for BMT, I felt sorely the lack of your presence and your comforting words...

But then I got stucked at the stupid Padang and the stupid Durian blocked my view of the stupid ground level fireworks AGAIN. I shouldn't have driven...

The fourth night, Ali and Shermywermy called me one after another to call me to find out if I was with the "RJ mei mei" as Shermy calls her... that dumbass... But guess where I was when they called me?

Driving to camp.

Sian Ji BUa.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Jesus walks

Now is a time of testing.

I love you just the way you are...