Monday, August 14, 2006


According to some story i heard somewhere, fictional or otherwise, the Chinese invented fireworks around 581-907. (if u don't believe, go

Common firework shows are Guy Fawkes Day in the UK

Remember, remember the fifth of November.
Gunpowder, treason, and plot.
I see no reason why gunpowder treason
Should ever be forgot.
New Year's eve, and National Day...

So it's pretty rare, especially in Singapore, where pyrotechnics are outlawed, and it's an offence to carry spent shells out of range, to see fireworks or explosives of any kind.

Thus, when they announced that they were having fireworks on 4 separate days, I thought I should go check out the free show haha cheapskate me...

The first night I went not knowing what to expect... But then there was this mega jam all the way from somewhere in Little India, which I passed by on my way from camp... I hate being stuck in jams...brings out the worst in ppl... I was trying hard to control myself, already being late for dinner and all... sorry Sherman if i said anything... when you start driving and get stuck in stupid jams when you're late you'll understand... so i eventually got to under the sheares bridge and dropped Sherman off... he was kind enough to sms after 10 minutes asking if i'd got a parking place... I'd reached Raffles City, and had parked illegally at the side of the road haha! like all the other Singaporeans, out of the car and watching the show... Which was slightly disappointing cos I couldn't see the stupid ground level cos of the Durian... Sherman's blog said I dropped him off and (please conjure own ending).

To fill in (please conjure own ending), I met Evey, watched the upper half of the fireworks blocked by the stupid Durian for 5 minutes, then went to Newton, where I got fleeced by stupid sambal stingray for stupid tourists, and owe Evey $10, and went home.

The second night was better... I was better prepared, so I went by MRT... which was pretty much jam-packed... BUT i managed to see the ground level fireworks by Team Singapore... pretty impressive... see Sherman's blog for videos... met Gerry and her friend to watch together... and met Conrad, from BMT, whom I haven't seen in like 1.5 years... Couldn't recognise him with hair... But he's a cool guy lah... Gerry's friend is a journalism student in the US on an SPH scholarship... I wonder what'll happen when he comes back... but he's a cool guy too!

The third night was quite meaningful cos I brought my sister to watch... I'm leaving home soon, for like 6 years... And I'm veryvery sure I'll miss my sister a LOT... as much as I'll miss my parents... My dear, quiet, nice sister... You never failed to show me love and concern, even though I didn't know how to treat you well... I wish I could stay on, help you through JC and Uni... But I believe God didn't put me into NUS for a good reason...just that I can't figure it out yet... In His time, not mine... And I just pray very very hard that you will find what you want to do in life, and find peace and love and joy and experience God... I sometimes don't notice you at home, but when I left home for BMT, I felt sorely the lack of your presence and your comforting words...

But then I got stucked at the stupid Padang and the stupid Durian blocked my view of the stupid ground level fireworks AGAIN. I shouldn't have driven...

The fourth night, Ali and Shermywermy called me one after another to call me to find out if I was with the "RJ mei mei" as Shermy calls her... that dumbass... But guess where I was when they called me?

Driving to camp.

Sian Ji BUa.


Blogger alison said...

eh. we never jio u ah... dun so bhb. aha... just checking where u were pao-niu-ing. :)

3:55 AM  
Blogger Ah Liang said...

Oh yeah sorry that's cos you were with Sherman. Haha ok glad i didn't spoil your night!

7:50 AM  

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