Saturday, June 24, 2006


I can't believe how many times this stupid thing has crossed my mind or been written about.

It's wasting my energy, causing me to hate Singapore.

I realise that SAF is necessary.

Now, 4 months before ORD, I accept that I have no choice.

But it's hard to "forgive" NUS.

I've been griping about this thing long enough.

My mother told me the day you forgive NUS and SAF, with God's help, will be the day when the letter comes that says you can disrupt.

I'll pray and hope so.

Wake me up when September ends. Hopefully I'll be in Edinburgh, not in Singapore.


Blogger Satoshi said...

that time still niao me abt i hate nus and all. see la, now u see that all u said abt me actually reflects wad u thinking lolx. you just trying to confuse yourself by shifting it to me...some fren u are rofl. yea yea, when you forgive nus and saf insha allah the letter will come, even when u already gonna ORD, alhamdullillah

11:42 PM  
Blogger Ah Liang said...

haha i try to confuse

2:47 PM  

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