Sunday, May 28, 2006


So that's it. Just like that, all my plans that I've so carefully thought out, and just waiting to come to fruition, down the drain. All cos somebody decides "hey, why don't we send some troops to some place which called us small before?"

I guess I wouldn't mind if this were some shift system for doing duties at a hospital, which is probably what i'll have to do 5 years down the road... BUT it's a shift system for doing the most utterly mundane stupid things that benefits NO ONE and is just serving to waste my time... I mean, at a hospital, I'd probably be doing some mundane crap also, but I know it contributes to saving ppl, or at least making their last hours better...

Mr Tan Chye Ping was trying to convince me about the attitude towards the 2 years spent in NS, saying like "if u look upon it as a waste of 2 years, then it WILL become a waste of 2 years". While I really appreciate Mr Tan's experience and his life view, and I'm really very grateful for his willingness to try and share it with me, I can't seem to see ANYTHING i can learn from being stuck in that stupid place just counting the hours till I can be off duty... Only thing I can learn is patience, I guess...

No one really knows what the future can plan and plan, and just like that, 2 or 3 days before the thing materialises, POOF it's gone in a puff of smoke. I don't even know what the future holds for me after I graduate from Medical School... The UK is another STUPID BACKWARD IRRITATING country... with RETARDED policies.... BUt at least in the UK the MPs DARE TO SPEAK UP FOR THEIR CITIZENS, unlike a certain "little red dot" which tries so desperately to "help" others because it was called unhelpful in the past... It's all part of the red dot's GRAND MASTERPLAN to say I TOLD YOU SO LOSER!

So of course, kudos ALWAYS goes to the top ppl. The bottom ppl absorb the shit.

So What if You can say Ha! EAT YOUR WORDS=P! Your economy's in a rut, a dead end, your people are cowered, jobs are lacking, and our leader...well...

I'm very very sorry for the people who've lost their homes and loved ones in the quake. I offer my deepest condolences to you. I feel for the people trapped under the rubble and debris... The numbers keep on rising, and the hospitals are overloaded... While I can never fully understand the magnitude of the destruction and chaos there, I think you could at least go in with the motivation of helping people there, and NOT showing off to the world that your token wayang army is able to do something to help.

Please. They tried to sell to the OCS ppl the NUS medicine scholarship... saying blablabla... you go on humanitarian missions etc... YEAH RIGHT they seriously don't know the MEANING of "humanitarian".


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