Monday, October 02, 2006

Thank God

So all's well... I thank God that He has come through for me, as always.

All the people i met there seemed to be placed there for a reason. They were all lovely Scotsmen... I realise something weird... Scotsmen are friendlier than scotswomen...

There's Dr McCormick, who's a real brick of a guy (haha my language corrupting liao), who allowed me to come a week late, and Dr Duvall, who's an example of real scot courtesy, opening doors and going beyond what he is duty bound to do as my Director of Studies.

God Bless Edinburgh. God Bless Dr McCormick and Dr Duvall too.

My skin's better too... I was real worried that I'd have to spend 6 years with rashes on my axilla and elbows and upper chest and neck... thank God for curing me and sending me to the right doctor...

God Bless the NHS 24 service.

All this makes me want to leave Singapore for greener pastures in the UK or elsewhere. Especially when they just come up with new rules to snook me, but thank God for the magnanimity of the University of Edinburgh!

Call me a quitter. But if what I'm trying to do is banging my head on the wall, then by all means, i AM a quitter.


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