Monday, September 04, 2006


It's true... The harder I seem to want something, the dumber I look and the more it eludes me... I wanted NUS Medicine so bad... but didn't get it... I wanted to get all the scholarship interviews... but I didn't... those that I didn't want and I knew I didn't want yielded two days of off each... I still LOVE skiing tho... Well...I do suppose that I did get Edinburgh, which was what I wanted... God's will be done... He gives me what I need, not what I want... I just don't see how some people can think that EVERY single thing in this world can be accomplished by sheer skill or effort... Most of the time it's not up to you whether you get in or not... It's about making the times when the ball's in your court count. I realised after talking to Pek Ya at the old SMU/new NUS law faculty that last time the degree was a path to a so-called "comfortable" life as a professional... But now u got degree, i got degree, everyone also have degree... So what if u work so hard just to get to uni? No point. It's working hard IN uni that counts =)

This one's quite funny too... Although the tallest blade of grass may get the most sunshine, it's also the most likely to get cut down. Actually this saying is flawed... Grass doesn't die from being cut.

This describes someone Henry, Qi Sheng, Sara, Eugene, KangWen, Darren, Daniel Hui, Aston and myself know very well...Why can't u do like the next pic?

I mean, even though I respect you're tenacity and all... BUT it makes life THAT much more inconvenient for the rest of us...

BRING IT ON!!! ORD LOH in 3 weeks or less. I'm sorry, but the ham chi way of wayanging your way around and making people think you're SO hardworking when actually you're equally if not more slack than me just doesn't work for me. BE A MAN: DO THE RIGHT THING.


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