Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Rosslyn Chapel

In the courtyard of Rosslyn Chapel, a few miles from Edinburgh. Rosslyn Chapel is the place where the final sequence of the "Da Vinci Code" was shot, where they "discovered" "Mary's" "tomb". It is a lovely historical Church, with lots of carven niches and stained glass, and all the typical medieval Church features.

This is a stained glass window in the Church depicting the medieval builder of the Church.

A carving in the stone arches in the Church depicts the seven deadly sins and the seven acts of kindness, one of which is "heal the sick". Which is what I will do, hopefully, God willing, and with God's help. That is the reason why I chose to study medicine. To heal the sick, both spiritually and physically.

The roof of the Church is adorned with lots of carvings of lilies, roses, stars, and angels, and the face of Jesus Christ raising His hand in blessing hidden among them. Very impressive. There is a story, however, associated with the masons who carved the building. The apprentice who learnt from the master mason carved a pillar that was more impressive than the master, with trappings that curled around the pillar like the tendrils of a vine, having been inspired by a dream. However, the master, like Cain, was consumed with envy and struck his apprentice with a mallet, killing him. Envy has dangerous consequences.
In the middle of the picture, slightly to the right, is an angel playing bagpipes, the instrument of Scotland. I don't know why God chose to place me in Scotland just yet, but I'm sure He has a plan!

The front of the Church, with its majestic stained glass windows, and arches. incidentally, the Church is built without using nails, just using the physics of arches etc to hold the entire building up. Respect.
On the wall of the corner of the Church is St. John the Evangelist, with his eagle. I only know it is him through reading Tintin comics, specifically "Red Rackham's Treasure".
Typical Scottish/English countryside. It looks bleak, but beautifully unspoiled. Very charming, in it's way.
3 trees, standing bare in the courtyard.

A view of the top of the Church. In recent years, from 1996 onwards, a metal roof has been erected over the top of the roof of the Church because people had whitewashed the inside of the stones of the Church and so trapped the damp in the stones. Restoration projects are underway...

More views from the metal structure of the second story stained glass windows of the Church.

The other two Singaporeans doing medicine at Edinburgh. Both got into NUS, which is good, cos I'm humbled. They rejected NUS, by the way. Sherman, are you as pissed as I was at first?

The view of the countryside from the second storey. It's nice. I hope you like... I was freezing in the wind, that's why my smile looks so frozen...

The entrance to the basement room where "Mary's" "body" was "interred".
Into the room.
Inside the room... Look familiar? I dunno haha... I'm not a Da Vinci Code fan... By the way, my scarf is the clan colours of William Wallace, who longed for freedom from an oppressive government, as do I.

Knights Templar cross. The Knights Templar was a very interesting group of people. I wish I could've joined... But I probably wouldn't be much of a warrior, so I guess I'd have stuck to managing their finances...
Dunno what on earth this stupid thing is showing... maybe that's why it's stuck in the basement.
Out of the room.

Outside the Church, there's this giant memorial thingus

that has the following poem inscribed around its base.

Not brass or stone
these will corrode and someday die
but love alone laughs at decay
and soars on high to fragrant immortality

Not stone or brass
these perish with the flight of time
and quickly pass
but love endues in every clime
eternal as the poet's rhyme.

God's love is eternal, and with us always. It was shown 2006 years ago when He sent His only begotten son into the world to show us the full extent of His love, to save us from our sins.

Safe safe at last, from doubt, from storm, from strife
Moored in the depths of Christ's unfathomed grace
With spirits of just, the dear ones lost
And found again, this strange ineffable life,
Is Life eternal. Death has here no place
And they are welcomed best who suffered most.
I love Edinburgh. I love God, and thank Him for getting me here.


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