Monday, November 06, 2006


God can forgive even those most vile amongst us: me.

I cannot consider myself any more righteous than any of my brothers. I have sinned, and sinned deeply. Even if I have told a white lie, or I have stolen 50 cents from my parents, or I have hated in my heart, they are ALL still sins. The only difference between the rest of us and a murderer is that the murderer got caught.


Blogger Satoshi said...

wah, leave me outta this lor, i am not binded by your funny talk that puts me on the level of a murderer. so little innocent children who stole a little money to buy bdae present for their parents are evil and sinners just like murderers eh? you sound like you murdered. go ahead and confess to the authorities, evil sinner!

12:22 AM  

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